Friday, April 24, 2009

Seven Ways to Save

On Wednesday night, we prepared for the spending fast. The fast begins on Saturday, April 25 and ends on May 1. I am really excited to see what comes as a result of the group fast.

In the meantime, I found a blog that offers seven ways to save.

I have to say, I don't agree with her on one topic which is, two people with two separate accounts can make a shared budget. I know. I've done it.

But read on. She offers some practical advice.

What are your money saving secrets?


  1. well, now that i think about it, i guess i do have a few. one is to keep a busy schedule, being productive. that way, i don't get bored and start spending unecessarily. and usually, what i keep busy with brings in money or something of else value, whether it's work, volunteering on the farm for food credit, or making vegan goodies.

    another trick is i'm always sure to keep my kitchen stocked with great healthy stuff, and only things i know i'll want to eat or prepare. that makes it easy to make delicious lunches that far surpass any reasonably priced lunch i would find in town where i work. that way, buying lunch is not tempting. this trick starts when i make my grocery list- it takes a little planning ahead.

    another food trick i use is to eliminate frequent dining out by zeroing in on what i like on a menu or at a particular restaurant and recreating it at home. this really works! i find that if i have a particular restaurant i keep returning to, it's because there's one particular thing i like on the menu- maybe two or three things tops- that i don't make at home. i just google recipes until i find enough info to do it myself. a store bought bottle of wine can make it even better.

  2. I always google search for a coupon code or printable coupon before I go anywhere to eat or buy something. You never know whats on the internet these days! SOME GOOD DEALS!